Help & FAQs

OoGyaa Mobility Sdn Bhd


How can I install Zeus - OoGyaa app?

To download the OoGyaa app click here

How do I find Zeus - OoGyaa escooter ? 

Install the app and register. You have to register your account before you can take your first ride. The map then will show you which Zeus - OoGyaa scooter is available in your area. If you don’t find an available scooter nearby, simply zoom out the map and search the surrounding areas.


How do I unlock Zeus - OoGyaa escooter?

To unlock, open the app and scan the QR code using your phone’s camera or enter the X-digit code that’s below the QR code.


How do I start riding Zeus - OoGyaa escooter? 

To start, step on the scooter with one foot and push off with the other to start moving. Put your other foot on the footrest to hold a stable position, then press the right-hand throttle to speed up.


How do I slow down and brake?

To slow down and brake, release the throttle and gently press the brakes.


How do I end the ride? 

Before ending the ride, make sure your Zeus - OoGyaa escooter is parked in an accessible area and that it is not blocking sidewalks, public roads or garages. Then just tap “End Ride” in the app.


Who can use Zeus - OoGyaa escooters? 

Anyone older than 16 years with an iPhone or Android smartphone.

What is the maximum speed?

Our escooters can go to maximum speed of 20 km/h


Where can I ride OoGyaa escooters?

Is it not advised to ride Zeus - OoGyaa escooters on the road. You are advised to use sidewalks and bicycle lanes to ride escooters. We are constantly working with Ministry of Transport, JPJ and DBKL to being regulations for escooters on Malaysian roads. Avoid riding in taxi and bus lanes.


What about the helmet? 

We strongly advise wearing a helmet. Please ride safely and respectfully in accordance with the Malaysian Road Transport Act.


What should I do before I start the ride?

Before you start riding your OoGyaa, there’s a verification process that you should follow to ensure everything is working properly: 

  • Verify the brakes

  • Verify lights

  • Verify tires

  • Verify Zeus - OoGyaa escooter not is damaged

If you find anything damaged or not working, please DO NOT use the escooter and please report it to  


How many people can ride the same Zeus - OoGyaa escooter?

Our escooters are not built for being used for more than one person (max. weight: 120 kg). 


Can I ride a Zeus - OoGyaa escooter in any weather?

Even though It’s safe to drive OoGyaa escooter even when it’s raining, but we strongly advise for the safety of our users not to ride our escooters in heavy rain or weather that limits the driver's vision. Please be aware of slippery roads. OoGyaa Mobility cannot be held responsible for any injury or damage occurred during riding of our escooters in wet weather


Where can I park Zeus - OoGyaa escooter? 

You can park at any parking spots which can be viewed within our app. Please note that a fees of RM XX may apply if our escooter is not parked in one of the parking spots. Additionally, users cannot end the ride outside the business areas, abandoning the escooter outside business area will incur unnecessary charges to the user and also a fine of RM XX. Users are also advised not to block sidewalks, public roads or garages.

What should I also pay attention to?

Don’t ride over speed bumps, thresholds, or other bumps at high speed. Watch your speed when traveling downhill. Use brakes when traveling at high speed. Don’t press the throttle when walking with the scooter. Don’t rotate the handle violently while driving at high speed. Don’t ride through puddles or other bodies of water deeper than 2 cm. Don’t take your hands off the handlebar while riding. Do not ride with one hand only. Don’t ride up and down stairs or jump over obstacles. Don’t use mobile phones while riding.


What should I do if my escooter runs out of battery? 

Stop the escooter and tap “End Ride” in the app. Then find a new  Zeus - OoGyaa escooter nearby and start a new ride.


What should I do if my mobile phone runs out of battery?

If your phone battery dies during your ride, you will be unable to end your ride and continue to be charged. If this happens, you must contact the customer service right away with the scooter ID to end your ride.

Do I need to pay to download the Zeus - OoGyaa app?

No, it’s totally free.


How do I check my ride history? 

You can always see your travel history in “Ride History”


What should I do in case of an accident? 

If you are involved in an accident that has not caused physical injury to you, other persons or your Zeus - OoGyaa escooter, contact the support center at If you involved in a serious accident contact the local emergency number 999. After you are in a safe condition and have contacted local authorities, contact us at +60 11 56430989 (Mon - Fri from 9 am till 9 pm), for after-hours or weekends, pls send us a msg on WhatsApp and we’ll get back to you asap.


How much do I have to pay to ride Zeus - OoGyaa? 

1.50 RM to unlock the Zeus - OoGyaa escooter plus 0.50 RM for every minute you're traveling. These prices can change anytime without notice.


How do I pay?

Enter your credit card data in the app to pay for your trips. For now we accept only Visa and Mastercard, but we are working on adding additional cards and payment methods.

When you add a payment method on your account, we take a small amount of RM 3.00 and add it to your balance. This is done to verify the validity of the card.

Please note that you have to have a minimum balance of RM 10.00 in order to start your ride. We have several top up packages for you to choose from. 

What is 'bonus' in my wallet?

Bonus is the extra money you received in your account from promo codes, top ups & rewards. You can use bonus money just like normal money, but it cannot be redeemed for cash.


What are the business areas?

In order to provide the best service, our escooters can only be used in the business areas. These business areas are outlined in black on the Zeus - OoGyaa App. You will for now need to get back to these Business Areas in order to end your ride. 



Can I ride outside the business area?

Yes! Our escooters can be driven outside the Business Areas as long as you stay within the reasonable distance from the business area. However, you have to be in the business area in order to end the ride


Why do I have to share my GPS location with OoGyaa Mobility?

We ask that you share your GPS location so you can find the  Zeus - OoGyaa closest to you on the map.


Why do I have to give camera access to Zeus - OoGyaa app?

We request camera access to enable the unlocking of the scooter via QR code.


Didn’t find an answer to your question? 

Please send a message to or go to our contact page