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We can write paragraphs upon paragraphs on what we do and who we are but we like to keep things simple. We want to solve the last mile problem for the masses. Our escooters are designed and manufactured especially for ridesharing. Some of features are:


  • Unique 3 wheel design, which is more stable than the average escooter and it will definitely help those who have some balancing issues

  • Powerful 350W electric motor goes fast (capped at 25km/hr for your safety) and will make you understand why dogs love to stick their head out of car windows

  • Three speed modes to choose from

          Low - maximum 15km/h

          Medium - maximum 20 km/h

          High - maximum 25km/h

  • Mechanical & electrical brakes help to stop without a problem

  • Bright LED headlight to guide you through those dark nights

  • Long lasting battery will take you far far away (and back)

  • We managed to fit a small bell on our escooters to warn those pedestrians who are way too into their smartphones and unaware of their surroundings


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